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Benefits of Using Ethyl Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer

Benefits of Using Ethyl Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer – Washing hands with soap and water is always an effective way to get rid of skin germs, microbes, and the transmission of all the infectious diseases. But, it is not always convenient to always wash hands so, there comes the role of Hand Sanitizers. Hand Sanitizers are the perfect alternate solution to water and soap. These Sanitizers can be found in gel, water-based or foam textures and an effective sanitizer contains 70 to 80 percent of alcohol in them. Here, in this particular blog; we will be mentioning the Benefits of Using Ethyl Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers.

Scot Derma is offering the best quality Ethyl Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers in India. You can come and contact us for the bulk orders as well in any state in India as we are known as the Leading Wholesalers for Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers in India. Nowadays the use of hand sanitizers has increased tremendously due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Thus, you will find sanitizers at the entrance of any public gathering, shops, hospitals, banks, nursing homes, public washrooms, stores, etc.  We all are aware of this deadly virus and we also know the importance of sanitizing things these days to reduce the harmful transmission of the virus.

How Does an Ethyl Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Works?

These days the prominence is towards the alcohol-based hand sanitizers as they are more effective in disinfecting germs and viruses from our hands. So, Basically Hand Sanitizers were eventually made for using it after washing hands or for times when you cannot get access to soaps. Mostly, sanitizers are Gel or foam-based and contain alcohol content in them which helps in killing the germs present on the skin. The alcohol present in the sanitizers immediately functions to kill most of the bacteria and viruses from the hands.

Also, the ethyl alcohol present in the hand sanitizers might cause skin dryness and irritation, so most of the companies who are formulating sanitizers make it sure that it contains moisturizers in them to reduce the irritation and skin dryness. Scot Derma is the right Dermatology Company in India dealing in the best Ethyl Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers in India which are effective on any skin type.

Why is it better to Choose Ethyl Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers in India?

The Combination and the percent of the Ethyl Alcohol in Hand Sanitizers depend upon the company who is manufacturing it. A Good effective sanitizer basically contains 70 to 80 percent of ethyl alcohol with 30 to 20 percent of purified water. This combination is perfect as the antimicrobial and helps in fighting against fungi, bacteria, and other viruses as well. Well, if the alcohol concentration drops below 50% then the chances of ineffectiveness rises. Water presence is also crucial in the hand sanitizers for destroying the growth of microorganisms with Ethyl Alcohol. Also, the Water in this works as a catalyst and plays an important role in denaturing the proteins of the cell membranes.

So, the ethyl alcohol-based sanitizers penetrate inside the cell wall and work on killing the microorganisms effectively. The remaining water content on the hands dries up soon and enhances the effectiveness. This also helps in creating a protective layer which protects from further virus attack.

Benefits of Using Ethyl Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer 

  • Firstly, Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers come in various packaging and are convenient, portable, and can be used at any time easily.

  • Secondly, it is also noticed that if you use this sanitizer than the risk of spreading respiratory and other gastrointestinal diseases also decreases as your hands are kept clean and away from infectious viruses.

  • Companies like Scot Derma prepare Ethyl Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer with the effective ingredients and moisturizing effects which prevents skin dryness. Thus, if you use this hand sanitizer then it may result in less dryness and irritation of the skin.

  • Lastly, Ethyl Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers are highly effective these days and helps in disinfecting the harmful effects of coronavirus as well.


So, we hope that the given information might be helpful for you all. Well, if you also in the search for ethyl based hand sanitizers in India or if you want to have your own business start-up, then contact Scot Derma. We are here to give you the wholesale opportunities to have Ethyl Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers.



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