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Pharma Franchise For Gel & Ointments

Pharma Franchise For Gel & Ointments – The major reason why people these days are investing in the Gel and Ointment range for business is the rapidly growing derma market. Thus, Scot Derma is inviting all the Pharma Professionals, Business seekers to invest in our company for this particular drug segment. We are the growing derma company in India for Pharma Franchise for Gel & Ointments. So, anyone who is looking for the business in this industry in any part of India, come and join your hands with Scot Derma.

With the increasing call of the Gel and Ointment range in the Indian Derma Pharmaceutical Industry, Scot Derma has come up with an amazing range of products to meet the demand of the market. Our Gel and Ointments can be used for many different purposes like pain relief ointments, sunburns, and many other skin related disorders. We believe in giving genuine Pharma Franchise Opportunities to all our associates in every part of the country. So join us now and call us on 08727878007, 08728992500 for further business details or mail us at

Quality Manufacturing of Ointment and Gel Range for Pharma Franchise by Scot Derma

Scot Derma is an old and a strong player in this Derma Pharma Industry of India. As the leading Dermatology Company for Pharma Franchise in PAN India, we are showing our commitment to delivering the highest quality derma drug range. We work on DCGI norms of manufacturing and thus all our Derma Gel and Ointments range is Pure and free from Chemical Extracts. Ointments and Gel is a semi-solid prepared product mainly used externally as suggested. Our range for these products is homogeneous and appears little greasy (oil 80% – water 20%) with high thickness. Using our ointments can definitely be effective for your skin and help to cure many skin related problems as they are multipurpose. Scot Derma is capable of delivering a wide range of high-quality Gel and Ointments for Franchise in India. So, anyone who is looking for a great future in the Dermatology Pharma Franchise Business, connect with Scot Derma to get the best range of high-quality products. Here are some Quality Parameters on which our manufacturing unit works to formulate the best derma range -

  • Effectiveness

  • Reliability

  • Hygienic

  • Purity

  • Potential

Variety of Ointments and Gel Range

  • Truoin - It is best for treating skin acne and promotes pimple healing and also improves the growth of skin cells.

  • Taczol – This ointment is in the form of tacrolimus. It is used to treat skin disease called eczema (atopic dermatitis). Thus, it helps in reducing the allergic reactions and eczema relief

  • Benlix 2.5 – It is used to cure mild to moderate acne. You can use Benlix 2.5 with other medications for treating acne as well.

  • Clearax – This medicine is used for treating the melasma on the face. Clearax is the best and effective cream formulated medicine which reduces swelling, itching and other problems as well.

  • Clincot A – Again, it is the best agent for treating acne, scars, and pimple. Moreover, it decreases the number of acne lesions and stops the growth of bacteria.

  • Mupiact – It is an antibacterial ointment, effectively used to heal certain skin infections. It acts as a barrier to the growth of bacteria on the skin and prevents skin infections.

Why you should associate with Scot Derma for Pharma Franchise For Gel & Ointments?

Scot Derma has its headquarters in Panchkula and we are offering genuine deals as Pharma Franchise associates for Derma Gel and Ointment. We have a stronghold in the derma markets in entire India and thus, no. of distributors is associated with us for the best business opportunities. We support our partners and associates in lots of ways. Here are some point which makes us the best Company for Pharma Franchise for Gel and Ointments -

  • We understand the market and thus we give the best growth opportunities in the derma range.

  • Our products are certified by the GMP, WHO, ISO 9001:2015. Moreover, our manufacturing unit has approval from the Food & Drugs Administration (FDA).

  • We offer amazing Promotional inputs and tools for better market growth.  

  • Scot Derma also gives better monopoly rights of distribution as the franchise holder.

  • We have genuine investment plans for derma products in India.

  • Lastly, we assure you all for long term Pharma franchise deals with 100% honesty and transparency.

So, join us now and own your Pharma Franchise for Gel & Ointments in India.

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