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Best Derma PCD Company in Etawah

Scotderma is one of the most rapidly growing derma PCD companies in Etawah. We are an ISO-GMP-certified company dedicated to cater the needs of consumers in the derma industry. We strive to combine excellence and innovation together to bring out products that are effective and upto the consumer expectation.We have a rich experience of 10 years in the derma PCD and wish to serve people as long as we can. 

The ultimate objective of our company is to meet the increasing derma needs of people at affordable costs. Skin and hair require complete care and hence we design products that effectively work on the body to achieve the desired effects. We understand the needs of our distributors and work mutually to serve them the best. Our rules and regulations guarantee business benefits to both the traders and the company. This is what makes us the best derma PCD company in Etawah.

For further details contact us via email at marketing.scotderma@gmail.com or  give us a call on 09875941030

 Our Exclusionary Range of Derma Products

Scotderma is a leading derma company in India. Along with power, responsibilities come too. We work efficiently to ensure that our manufactured products are 100% safe and effective to use. All our products are dermatologically tested and pass through a series of laboratory tests to ensure their purity and rawness. these products have negligible side effects and work magically to provide the best results. 
We offer an indispensable range of products which include antifungals, antibiotics, antiallergics, anti-infectives, hair treatment, keratolytic, skin lightening and skin cleansing. Our products harmlessly drive away many medical conditions such as heat burns, dark spots, dark circles, blemishes, eczema, skin infection, rashes and others.

Some product categories in which Scotderma deal are:

1.    Capsules and softgels
2.    Powders
3.    Face washes
4.    Lotions and cream
5.    Sunscreens
6.    Injections
7.    Soaps 
8.    Ointments and gels
9.    Tablets
10.    Scalp treatment
11.    Personal hygiene
12.    Serums


Product Manufacturing Quality and Storage

We believe that quality matters much more than product quantity. Manufacturing and storage plays a crucial role in determining the life of products.
All our products are manufactured in WHO-certified manufacturing plants which are licensed. They are manufactured under expert supervision to ensure the rawness remains the same. Any discrepancy found in any of the ingredients is immediately reported and the ingredient is discarded. All the ingredients used are free from contaminants and choosen amongst the best possible options. The machinery used is properly cleaned to make sure that they run under proper hygiene. A close eye is kept on the machinery to avoid any problems in the manufacturing process.
All the products are packed with care and stored in a dust-free environment. The storage and packaging is done in a way that no germs enter the products. The places are properly sanitized before keeping the products.

Why choose only Scotderma as a PCD Pharma Franchise Company?

There are ample of Derma PCD companies but we assure there is none like Scotderma. The most important aspects of a PCD Pharma business are guaranteed at our company. Below given points will make it clear how Scotderma has establishes as the best PCD pharma company in all substantial terms.

Standardized and Effective Product Range

We believe in delivering certified and effective products to our consumers. The wide range of products provide treatment for almost all skin ailments.

Quality Control

 Various steps are taken into account while processing our products. All of them are made to pass out through a variety of tests and checked by derma professionals. Cleanliness and hygiene is repeatedly taken care of.

Guaranteed Profit Margins

 With Scotderma, you need not to worry about profits and losses. We make sure that our distributors get good profit margins with low investments.

Promising Monopoly Rights

All our distributors get the exclusive monopoly rights to sell products in their locality and face decreased competition. This way the distributors can expand their business and develop marketing strategies.

Promotional Support

 Scotderma understands the necessity of promoting the products via various methods such as visiting cards, company-named products and much more. We promote our products to create awareness amongst people regarding them.

Punctual Product Delivery

 We ensure that all the products ordered are delivered on time at your doorstep. Customer care service is always open for the distributors to enquire about any products.


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Name- Scotderma

Address-  Plot No. 43, Industrial Area Phase -2 Panchkula - 134113

Phone- 9875923700, 8728992500

Email- sales.scotderma@gmail.com.



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