42 May 14, 2020

Government Initiatives Minimize Indian Pharma Industry During COVID-19

Government Initiatives Minimize Indian Pharma Industry During COVID-19 – India is widely known for its pharmaceutical generic medicine range all over the world. We are not only supplying the medicines in our country but in other parts of the world as well. But the impact of COVID-19 has affected the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry a lot. The lockdown due to the coronavirus all around the world has stopped the supply of the Pharma APIs from China to India and this has affected majorly in the manufacturing and supplying of our generic medicines. Here in this particular blog, we will be discussing the Government Initiatives Minimize Indian Pharma Industry During COVID-19.

COVID-19 has impacted the Pharma Manufacturing and Supply Chain operation in India. However, initiatives by the Indian Government can help in minimizing the disturbance in the pharmaceutical industry and the supply chain of medicines. Thus, this can help our country to be a global player for Pharma medicines throughout the world. So, Get along with this article now to know the details of the initiatives by the government for the Indian Pharma Industry During COVID-19.

Government Initiatives Minimize Indian Pharma Industry During COVID-19

The Indian Government has allotted huge amounts of money to strengthen the healthcare sector and are doing every bit of them to enhance the quality of this sector as well. But there is a lot more than our Government can do to minimize the effect of COVID 19 - 

Uninterrupted Pharma Supply Chains

The worldwide lockdown has affected the supply of Pharma raw materials all over the world. Due to this many Pharma companies are not getting enough raw materials and other essential products for continuing the Pharma manufacturing process. Moreover, there is a lack of manpower too which has also led to problems in the Indian Pharma Industry. So, the Indian Government has to look into the issues of the Supply Chain and take considerate measures to make it intact and strong.

Approval of New Medicine Manufacturing Services & Facilities

Places where the manufacturing facilities are in shortage, the government needs to engage in expanding services over there and increase the facilities to satisfy the quality of Pharma manufacturing standards. Thus, by doing this there will be an increase in the speed of setting up new manufacturing facilities and it will also help to meet any shortage that has happened due to the lack of supplies of APIs and Pharma raw materials from China. So, all these positive measures will definitely attract the investors to invest in the setting up of Pharma infrastructure.

More Supply of Medical Devices and Equipment

Indian Pharma Industry gets its major medical devices as import material from other countries (majorly from China). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all the import and export system of Pharma products and other products have been affected a lot. There can be chances that the supply for life-saving devices such as cardiac stents, orthopedic implants, etc. can be restricted. Thus, the Indian Government should grant approval for more domestic Pharma manufacturing processes to control the less supply of Pharma devices from other countries. 

Impact on Research & Development

Along with the research work for COVID-19 medicines and vaccines, our government should also focus on other life-threatening disease therapies as well such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, HIV, etc. The effort of the Pharma Industry should be on all the ends. Moreover, the government should also appeal to the Pharma Industry for the speed up approval and trial provisions for the treatment of COVID-19.

Healthcare Infrastructure

Compared to Italy, India’s Healthcare infrastructure is at a budding stage, and with the increasing cases of COVID 19; there is a huge burden on our country’s hospital, medical representatives, nurses, doctors, etc. There are other health concerns as well other than COVID 19 that also need attention. Therefore, the government should focus on proper energies and help in granting speedy approvals and full support to the healthcare infrastructure.


There is a lot more for the Government Initiatives to Minimize the Indian Pharma Industry During COVID-19. The rate of per hour testing of COVID Patients should be increased and proper protective gears should be given to all the doctors and nurses in all over India as a precaution. Pharma companies in India should now increase the production of generic medicines and ensure the easy availability of these medicines at an affordable price for this time period at least. A balance and continuous support and initiative by the government will help the Indian Pharma Industry During COVID-19.


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