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How to prevent dry skin in cold weather

How to prevent dry Skin in Cold Weather - There is nothing better than sipping a cup of hot tea and enjoying the sunshine outside in winter but it has some disadvantages too. Dry skin is a common occurrence in winter. Dry skin is a type of skin that is rough and has small cracks. Dry skin occurs when your skin surface has lost oil and water due to certain reasons. It is prevalent in almost all age groups. The medical term referred to as dry skin is xerosis. In this blog, we are going to discuss How to prevent dry skin in cold weather. 

 A few reasons that are responsible for making the skin dry and rough include taking hot water showers for a prolonged period of time, swimming in a chlorinated pool, using ineffective derma products, and weather conditions. It is generally observed that dry skin is more prevalent in winter than in summer. Now, let's jump right into the main topic How to prevent dry skin in cold weather

 7 useful tips to prevent dry skin in cold weather

Mostly, dry skin is a common problem in winter when the skin is exposed to freezing temperatures and low moisturized air. Moisture is important for the skin barrier to function well. Due to insufficient moisture in the air in winter, our skin gets itchy and dry.

Below are some advantageous tips and tricks which will help in relieving dry skin and promote healthy and moisturized skin:

Avoid hot and long showers

Although steamy showers in winter are the best part but taking hot water showers can dehydrate your skin and expose it to further damage. Moreover, this will also take away the natural oils on the skin's surface and make it dry.

Use a suitable body lotion after bathing

Body lotions contain hydrating and moisturizing compounds in them which are beneficial for your dry skin. Always use a body lotion after bathing. Rub it well on your body to get the desired results.

Prefer Vitamin E enriched diet

Vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant that has soothing effects on the skin. Include walnuts, bananas, and dairy products in your daily diet to treat dry skin. Nuts and seeds also contain sufficient amounts of vitamin E.

Use scrubs and exfoliants

Scrubs have deep cleansing and moisturizing properties. Use scrubs that have milk, apricot, and neem extracts for dry skin. Scrub at least once or twice a week to get the best results.

Try natural ingredients

Some natural ingredients are effective in the treatment of dry skin. These include coconut oil and aloe vera. Mix both ingredients well and apply them to the skin. Both these substances are loaded with a plethora of vitamins and minerals

Avoid the usage of harsh skin products

Avoid the use of harsh-scented products like soaps and deodorants. These products contribute to skin dryness and damage.  Instead, choose mild and moisturizing soaps and body washes.

Choose a cold cream for your face

Cold creams make your skin soft and hydrate it in winter. Use a light cold cream to prevent heaviness on the face. Apply regularly after bathing or face wash not more than twice a day.

Some useful products for eradicating dry skin

Using the best kind of derma products is extremely important to promote healthy skin. One must use products according to his or her skin type. People with dry skin must use products rich in moisturizing capacity.

Below listed products have proved effective in the treatment of dry skin:

Almond body lotion

Almonds are a significant source of vitamin e and fatty acids which provide nourishment and moisture to the skin. Scotderma provides the best almond body lotion to help you tackle this problem. It is 100% pure and contains other natural herbs to replenish dry skin and make it soft and smooth.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera has been known for its paramount significance for skin sices ages. Aloe vera gel is one of the best sources of natural vitamins essential for treating dry skin. It has no side effects on the skin and is suitable for all skin types.


Softjoy e from Scotderma is a daily moisturizing lotion that is 100% safe and dermatologically tested. It is composed of vitamin e and jojoba oil which has magical benefits for dry skin.

Aloebar  bathing soap

This soap has the goodness of aloe vera and other natural ingredients which are mild and soft on dry skin. It is widely preferred by Indian doctors to treat other skin problems also. It also protects the skin from harmful infections and bacteria.

Softqon body lotion

Softqon body lotion provides rich and long-lasting nourishment to the skin. In addition to this, it also absorbs easily into the skin without any stickiness. It contains shea butter and almond oil which moisturizes your skin without clogging the pores.


It is extremely important to take complete care of your skin in winter. Healthy skin is an indicator of a healthy body. The key to keeping your skin healthy and preventing it from dryness is to moisturize it regularly. Following the above-listed points will help you treat dry skin effectively. We hope that our article on How to prevent dry skin in cold weather was helpful to you and you found just the thing you were looking for. 


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