479 Aug 04, 2022

Scot Derma and Zeon Lifesciences - The Most Prominent Mergers of the Time

Founders and Directors of Scot Derma; Mr. Sunil Thakral and Mr. Rahul Thakral are pleased to announce the most prominent collaboration of the present time, Scot Derma x Zeon Lifesciences. The merger is all prepped up to pave their way together to increase access to better and more dynamic healthcare patterns. With the current and upcoming product lines introduced by Scot Derma, both the companies are going to collaborate in the financial year 2022-23 to augment their pharmaceutical horizon.

It is declared that this amalgamation is going to be the upper hand in the Pharmaceutical Market in the upcoming years. With the blend of “Worldly-Wise Expertise in Manufacturing” of Zeon Lifesciences and “Universal Knowledge of Pharmaceutical Marketing” of Scot Derma, this alliance will usher in a new chapter in the histories of both companies. This collaboration will comprehensively contribute to the most reliable therapeutic segments like General Medicine, Skincare, Pediatric Care, Gynecology, Nutraceuticals, Ayurveda, Cardio Diabetic, and Critical Care.

“We are constantly in chase of newer ways to strengthen our company’s foundation and keep it indelible,” said Mr. Sunil Thakral and Mr. Rahul Thakral, Founders and Directors of Scot Derma. “This potent merger will add a significant value to our trustable doctors and will increase customer confidence in our innovative products. Scot Derma is soon to be the industry leader in the Indian Pharmaceutical Sector,” they added.

With a sole aim to improve and enhance people's life, Scot Derma is continuously delivering innovative medicines that make a real difference to the health of people. The top-tier company displays excellence, brilliance, and prominence in every spectrum and is committed to complying with industrial regulations, corporate policies, and quality standards.  

In 1987, Mr. Suresh Garg contrived a vision of nurturing people’s life through genuine healthcare and gave birth to India’s Best Nutraceutical and Herbal Products Manufacturer, “Zeon Lifesciences Ltd.”. With 30+ years of sound experience, the company has traced a reputable image in both the domestic as well as international markets. The company specializes in Nutraceuticals, Medical Nutrition, Kid’s Health, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Sports Nutrition, Ayurvedic Products, General Health & Wellness, and Weight Management.

The complementing geographic coverage, medical expertise, and breadth of services provided by both Scot Derma and Zeon Lifesciences will greatly enhance the value proposition for clients. Additionally, all the stakeholders, medical & healthcare fraternity, distributors, and pharmacists have unitedly welcomed this joint venture and expect sustainable and long-term association.


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