Hydroxyzine is commonly prescribed by the doctors to cure the various allergies mainly hives. It is also generally used by the patients to control itching, insomnia, nausea, and as well as vomiting. The dose of the hydroxyzine depends upon the condition of patients, commonly its dosage is 25 mg. For skin allergy, this medicine is very helpful.

How does Hydroxyzine work for Allergies?

Hydroxyzine blocks a certain natural substance known as histamine that your body makes while an allergic reaction. Histamine is a fluid that you experience as a runny nose and watery eyes when you have an allergic reaction. By blocking the histamine, hydroxyzine is effective against these allergic symptoms.

Quality Packaging of Product

We are a pharmaceutical company focusing entirely on delivering quality products. Our company has adopted an effective and sophisticated way of packaging. For the patient's skin care health we have packed the hydroxyzine tablets in Blister packaging.

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