24 May 12, 2022

5 Skin Care Tips for the Indian Summer

5 Skincare Tips for the Indian Summer - When scorching Indian summer hits, our skin starts screaming for more protection - from sunburns to rashes, stubborn tan, and acne. Summer is the season of sporting shots, outdoor plans, and enjoying watery fruits, but also it is a season that comes with numerous skin challenges and making our skin tan. Due to excessive heat and humidity, the skin becomes dull, dark, and rough. Hence, it becomes essential to uplift your skincare game to prevent unwanted skin issues. Do it with 5 Skincare Tips for the Indian Summer.

An increase in temperatures during Indian summer, coupled with humidity and heat, increases sebaceous glands' activity. As a result, the skin looks oily, rough, and patchy. Also, the intense sun rays cause tanning by forcing the body to produce more melanin. While everyone is aware that increased melanin production leads to darker skin, few will be familiar with cancer and aging. In addition, excessive heat and temperature cause acne, pimple, and blemishes on the face. However, avoiding them is possible. Do you know how? With 5 Skincare Tips for the Indian Summer. Read on.

Follow These 5 Skincare Tips for the Indian Summer

Indeed, the summer season is challenging for people and dermatologists. However, the professional's skin stays glowing, radiant, and clear all season. So, we have asked some dermatologists, "how is this possible." They have given us the GURU MANTRA to keep the skin looking younger, clear, and radiant even during the Indian summer. Let's have a look at them.


The most important thing during the Indian Summer is to wear sunscreen before going out. Buy sunscreens that offer at least SPF 30, lip protection, and broad+spectrum protection. If you don't do that, your skin ages faster and may increase the risk of skin cancer. However, finding out the best sunscreens from numerous seems cumbersome. So, you can buy Raybest SPF 40, apply it 30 minutes before sun exposure, and all done. It will absorb the ultraviolet radiation and prevent it from reaching the deeper layers of the skin.

2. Exfoliation is the Key

Exfoliate once or twice a week in the Indian summer to reduce blemishes and unclog the pores. However, let the skin heal on its own in case of sunburn. Keep exfoliating frequently in the summer. But that doesn't mean you over-exfoliate if you do it once or twice a week, the skin will become tight, cracked, and scaly. In addition, use a gentle exfoliant that gives you a radiant glow without causing any side effects.

3. Vitamin C Serum can Help You Out!

You might know Vitamin C is good for skin but you may not be familiar with that it helps prevent hyperpigmentation, help with collagen production, and improve the appearance of fine lines. You can try the best Vitamin C Face Serum, which is a powerhouse of vitamin C and enhances the appearance of dull skin. In addition, this product provides a bright complexion.

4. Protect Your Skin; Wear Sun Protective Clothing

Expose as little as possible of your body to the direct sunlight. It doesn't mean you have to wear a long-sleeve shirt for the whole Indian summer. However, it means wearing an extra-large hat, UV-400 sunglasses, sitting underneath an umbrella, or avoiding the midday sun. With wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses, you can shield the face and the eyes from the sun.

5. Wear Non-comedogenic Makeup

Keep those makeup products that are Non-comedogenic. For this, you can take a close look at the product label before buying them. Non-comedogenic means a skincare product formulated without pore-clogging ingredients. Make sure you use Non-comedogenic makeup, especially in the summer, as it will not occlude your skin.

The Bottom Line

The Indian summer is warmer and sunnier than the winter and it comes with many skin challenges. Though a solid routine works all around, summer requires a bit more. Otherwise, your skin becomes sunburned, tan, and many more problems you can get. However, it might be challenging for you to find where you are lagging. In other words, you might not know how to keep your skin away from various skin issues. Hence, we have curated a list of Top 5 Skincare Tips for the Indian Summer.

During the Indian summer, the increased temperature and humidity can take away your glow and radiant skin. It can make your skin look rough, dull, and dry. So, revamping your skincare routine is the best way to get clear and glowing skin even in summers. You can change your skincare products. For instance, if you are using comedogenic makeup, throw it away. Fill your makeup arsenal with non-comedogenic makeup. All above, you don't have to forget to exfoliate. It's the new key to a clear, glowing, and radiant skin during Indian summer.


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