Aloebar Soap is a classic formula combined with Aloe Vera which helps to keep you clean and fresh. It provides strong protection from germs and helps to keep the natural moisture of your skin. And it's deodorant protection quality maintains the freshness of your skin throughout the day.

Scot Derma is the leading marketer and supplier of the derma soaps in India and guarantees you to give the best Aloebar Soap in the derma market.

Features of Aloebar Soap –

  • These are dermatologically tested and is widely accepted by doctors in India.

  • It provides you better protection as compared to normal soaps.

  • Protects you from infections caused by germs and bacteria.

  • Highly recommended by the Indian Medical Association.

How to Use Aloebar soap?

It is quite friendly to use these bars. One just has to remove the wrapper. Then you can apply the wet soap on your body. Rinse it off and pat dry your body.

Safety Measures while using these bars

  • Try and avoid contact with the eyes. But in case it does, rinse your eyes with plenty of water immediately.

  • Keep them away from kids.

  • If swallowed or gulped by mistake, seek medical advice immediately.

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