Scotderma’s product Clotax is a skin ointment that is created for treatment for several skin diseases such as rashes infection, dermatitis and many other skin problems that gives an extreme level of skin irritation.

Clotax contains a salt called Clobetasol with a quantity of 30 mg. The salt used is very strong and has to be used with precautions only. This skin cream serves the best benefits if used in an appropriate manner. The medication serves a high dose of corticosteroid which makes it a strong dose.

Application guide for Clotex

Since the ointment contains the heavy dose salt, it requires a strict attention towards the application.

  • The infected area must be washed and cleaned properly before the applications as there has to be no sweat or dust.
  • It is necessary for the person to wash hands with disinfectant soap and dry them with a clean towel.
  • Spread the Clotax ointment evenly with your fingertips.
  • Avoid touching any other part of your body while applying the cream as it may spread the infection.
  • If Clotax ointment gets into your eyes immediately wash it with cold
  • water and consult the physician.


Side effects using Clotex

As the dose is for external use only, it may cause some common side effects.

  • The use of Celotex may give you some burning sensation along with the itchiness.
  • There might be the noticeable redness which will disappear with time but if it does not cure, the consultation with the doctor is compulsory.
  • The medication should not be used for more than 2 week and if the desired results are not visible then ask your physician.
  •  It is very rare that the use of medication will provide stretch marks.
  • It is also extremely rare that the medication will get absorbed in the skin and will affect the bloodstream.


Packaging of Clotex    
Scotderma’s Clotex comes in vacuum packaging and is packed with the proper hygiene. The product is manufactured using the guidelines of pharmaceutical companies and has passed all the quality checks before entering the market. 

Clotex ointment has to be stored under the cool and dry place only without any contact with water or bacteria.

Dose requirement for Clotex

Clotex ointment must be applied two to three times a day to avoid the delay in the treatment. The medication is extremely harmful and if it is swallowed by the children, it may give a serious effect to their health.
The overdose of Clotex ointment may lead to a severe skin problem and if it happens we would request you to talk to your dermatologist immediately.

Note-  As CLotex is a skin ointment we would recommend the people to not share it with anyone nor take a used one. This may result in the serious skin infection problem and also you may not get the desired result. If you are allergic to the salt or develop any allergies then it is necessary to tell the dermatologist for the same.

Frequently asked question for Clotex

Question 1. Is Clotex cream clinically proven best for skin allergies?
 Answer 1.  Yes, our product Clotex is clinically proven by dermatologists and is          
                    safe to apply.

Question 2. Can Clotex be used for the skin infection in children too?
Answer 2. Clotex is made for the usage of adults only.

Question 3. Are pregnant women safe with the application of Clotex?
 Answer 3.  It may not cause any harm as it is a skin cream , although we would     
                   recommend you to consult your doctor.


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