Fusidic Acid is prescribed by the doctors for skin infections caused by germs called staphylococcal bacteria. This kind of infections includes infected dermatitis, infected cuts and grazes. The 2.0% Fusidic Acid prevents the germs to grow that cause infection. FUSIDOZ cream is used to clear the skin infections quickly, mainly when the infection only covers a small area.

How to Apply Fusidic Acid Cream?

  • Before you start applying it read the instructions and directions printed on the product. It will give you information about how to use the cream and also you will aware of its side effects.
  • Apply the Fusidic Acid 10 GM cream as per your doctor tells you to. Usually, apply a thin layer of cream to the infected area and rub it gently. At least use 3-4 times a day.
  • Remember to wash your hands after using it. Only use it as long as your doctor has recommended you. Not use it for longer than 10 days.

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