CLEARAX medicine used in the treatment of melasma on the face. This medicine contains 3 various kinds of medication. Hydroquinone is a reversible skin bleaching agent. Mometasone is a medium strength corticosteroid that reduces swelling, itching on the skin and Tretinoin is a retinoid that increases the skin shedding. This is the best and effective medicine. This medicine available in a cream formulation.


Before using a medicine, wash face and neck area with a mild cleanser and rinse and pat dry. Mostly the patient is instructed to apply for this medicine on alternate nights.  This medicine speeds up the skin cells and heals the skin problem. Do not apply for medicine by own. Doctor consultation is a must.

Side effect

After apply if you feel mild burning, stinging, redness, dryness, or acne. Wash off and tell your doctor and he will suggest an alternative medicine.

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